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Roller door safety | Buying Roller Doors That Aren’t Going To Bite You!

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To select the right roller door for you, you need to consider required width and height as primary parameters; the nature of the material, accessories and operating type you select depends on them.

Buying rollers doors that don’t meet safety regulations often means that later down the line they’ll not be as reliable… and quality will come back to bite you! As well as them being dangerous, having to replace a dodgy roller door after a year or two can be a royal (and expensive) pain – so we’re here to help you get it right first time.

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According to BS-EN-12635 (the rolling door standard guide), component safety is to be in conformance with EN-12604:2000 at all levels. Below is a full list of detailed precautions you should take into consideration to ensure that your roller doors are completely safe to use.  

Basic Features

  • Safety and health regulations need to be followed by the door manufacturer. Check the drop resistance system at both corners. Multiple stopping forces and distances must be provided. This is to ensure that any uncontrolled movement is eliminated.
  • Check the tubular type of motor connected to the suspension system. The brake in the box is the one which controls the motion and stopping of the door. Ensure that it is of high quality.
  • In case your garage door is more than 4 meters wide and height is about the same it is better that you opt for multiple safety brakes connected to both ends of the barrel. An external drive unit is always useful for ensuring maximum safety.
  • The quality of spring used in the drive train should have the right type of resistance (200-Newtons) of static force which gets generated when the roller door is up.
  • The shafts and levers should be designed to withstand sudden motion and unexpected weight variation. In the case of suspension failure, the anti-fall brake gets activated by the lever. Hence it is necessary to have strong and long-lasting parts.
  • A good roller door should have multiple safety devices like steel rope, spring, chain, and belt in addition to brakes.
  • Safety of roller doors should be designed in such a manner that they don’t experience a free fall when other devices fail.
  • In case the roller door is automated the service provider should provide fire and short circuit proof features.

Advanced Features

  • The system connecting spindle and disk runs through the upper drum from one end to the other. The side bracket chain needs to be attached to the right of the side bracket. In the case of heavy duty roller doors, the safety of charge handle and winding rod should be checked.
  • Consider the space which is in between the curtain of the door and lintel while the door is closed. It should offer proper ventilation for the space.
  • The angle-mount on the jam needs to be 745REV and 730REV inside. The bottom must be 730REV and top 700REV.
  • The surface of roller door needs to be coated with high quality plastic for enhancing rust resistance and glossy appearance. This coating is normally done over the paint layer.
  • You can opt for single skin or double skin with aluminum insulation for the roller door material. The former is used for small size garages and shops while the latter is used for industrial sites and warehouses. You can even buy roller doors which can be operated with your smart phone.
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