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How To Ensure Your Commercial Property Is Kept Secure

Ensuring your commercial property is kept secure is essential for any business. We here at Chiltern Door Systems have a wide range of solutions for you.

There are many websites and brochures presenting a familiar overview of how to protect your business premises from criminals. The need for secure doors and windows, adequate alarm systems and the importance of lighting are often discussed, but little is said of how to unify these individual security measures into a security system. Last year, reported that 75% of retailers and 50% of manufacturers were the victims of crime. This has meant an increase in the number of people installing measures such as CCTV and burglar alarms, but the Metropolitan Police report of the pressures that come from 92% of call-outs being due to false alarms. As a result the police have sanctioned use of only two types of alarm, and some business owners have resorted to cheaper systems that are not monitored or linked to a response unit. Others are turning to lighting systems that are linked to movement sensors, coming on only rarely, instead of dusk-to-dawn lighting that many do not realise is actually cheaper to run. Instead of weighing up the costs and benefits of these measures as individual expenses, you need to consider them as the limbs or branches of an overall system with one design: preventing access to your property through secured entrances. A few simple measures can help: • Opt for round the clock lighting, focussing only an essential access points such as doors. Round the clock lighting gives the impression that someone is on the premises 24/7, and having it illuminate essential areas will both deter criminals and enhance CCTV coverage. • Create guidelines for Good Practice when it comes to keys, locks and shift changes: a) Elect trusted members of staff to act as key carriers. b) Regularly check for keys. If any are missing, immediately change the locks. c) Never leave keys lying around d) For areas requiring high-security, such as entrances from the street, consider using combination code locks and roller shutters. • Repair all damage to locks, grills, shutters and electronic equipment ASAP, as a matter of necessity. Many crimes result from poorly maintained equipment, and there is little point in an expensive CCTV system if your front door doesn’t close properly. We here at Chiltern Door Systems specialise in industrial and commercial doors such as roller doors, shutters, security gates, steel doors and many other products. For more information on any of our products and services contact us via our online form today.