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How to Improve Productivity in the Workplace

Do you need help improving productivity in your workplace? Read this post from Chiltern Door Systems for great ideas on how to just that in your warehouse

Running a business can be really tough, particularly when we’re in the midst of a double dip recession. It’s a cliché but time really is money, and in a business you have to constantly strive to get the most out of every minute of the day, and that includes getting the most out of your staff too. Here are some handy tips to help you improve productivity in the workplace and in warehouses in particular.

Speed and Consistency is Essential

The best way to reduce downtime and ensure you’re using your time effectively is to speed up processes and work out the quickest way to carry out tasks whilst still producing quality work. A common problem with businesses that receive a lot of deliveries or have lorries coming and going all the time is the time it takes to process these vehicles, the key is to get them in and out of your building as quickly as possible. One way of ensuring this is to install high speed roller shutter doors, automatic doors will allow you to quickly let vehicles in and out of your premises and it alleviates the need for your staff to take time out of their schedule to operate any manual doors.

Employee Comfort

It’s easy to get carried away with trying to get the most out of your employees but sometimes you have to take a step back and ask yourself if there is anything they need. Is there anything you could do to make their work a little bit easier? One thing that is proven to boost productivity is a comfortable workplace and this includes the temperature. In the winter warehouses and retail buildings can get really cold, de motivating your staff, automatic shutter doors can also prevent your buildings from getting too cold as they reduce the amount of hot air that can escape. Another good practice is to have frequent meetings with your employees to see if they have any ideas on how you can improve productivity; after all they are the ones who are carrying out the job from day to day. Here at Chiltern Door systems we supply a wide range of commercial roller shutters in Milton Keynes and are always on hand to offer advice, so if you would like any more information on the doors we provide get in touch with us today and find out what we can do for you.

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