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How to Plan Your Warehouse Layout

Planning your warehouse layout is essential to ensuring productivity and efficiency is always high. Read on for tips on planning your warehouse layout

In the busy world of the 21st Century it’s crucial that your business runs as effectively as possible and this means everything needs to run smoothly, keeping productivity high. When it comes to laying out your warehouse it’s essential that everything is in the right place, making sure that everything is accessible, allowing your staff to carry out their duties in the most efficient way. Here are some top tips to help you plan the best warehouse layout for your business:

1. Supersize the Receiving Area

Receiving is the most critical function in the warehouse so space is essential. You need to ensure you have enough room for your staff to carry out all the necessary activities like breaking down pallets and counting items. The more space your staff has to move around in the easier their job will be, leading to less errors.

2. Keep Shipping and Receiving Separate

Again to avoid errors, you should keep these two functions separate from each other and, again give adequate space to the shipping area. Your staff will need to build pallets as well as count stock. This process is just as important as the receiving so make sure both processes can be carried out as efficiently as possible.

3. Warehouse Markings

Floor markings are an excellent way of ensuring walkways are kept clear and that everything is keep in the correct area, making your employee’s jobs a lot easier as well as keeping to health and safety regulations.

4. Doors

In order to keep productivity high you need to ensure that any menial tasks such as opening and closing doors do not slow your staff down. Automatic roller doors and controlled barriers will help speed up deliveries as well as ensuring only authorised people have access to your premises. Here at Chiltern Door Systems we specialise in industrial and roller doors, we understand the importance of making sure your business runs as efficiently as possible which is why we work hard to offer our customers the best service possible, providing bespoke doors for your business premises. For more information on any of the products and services we have to offer call us today on 01908 849 875.

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