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Why are Fire Doors So Important?

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 As most people are aware, fire is an element that can cause devastating damage and injury. Fires can completely destroy buildings, cause extremely serious injuries and even result in fatalities. This is why it is so vital that people inside buildings are properly protected, which is where the use of fire doors comes in. It … Continue reading “Why are Fire Doors So Important?”

Roller Shutter Doors inside

Roller door safety | Buying Roller Doors That Aren’t Going To Bite You!

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To select the right roller door for you, you need to consider required width and height as primary parameters; the nature of the material, accessories and operating type you select depends on them. Buying rollers doors that don’t meet safety regulations often means that later down the line they’ll not be as reliable… and quality … Continue reading “Roller door safety | Buying Roller Doors That Aren’t Going To Bite You!”


Why Getting Your Industrial Doors Winter Ready Is Vital

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Winter is fast approaching – while its onset has been somewhat mild in the temperature department, we’re getting closer to that magic zero-degree freezing point and reports of snow and ice are becoming a more distinct reality. If your industrial doors are in a bad state of repair over the winter period, it could end … Continue reading “Why Getting Your Industrial Doors Winter Ready Is Vital”

New CE Marking Rules: Are Your Industrial Doors Up To Scratch?

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With the new CE marking regulations having been in place since July, our latest post looks at what the new rules entail and whether your doors are up to the job.

The Importance of Regular Industrial Door Maintenance

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Regular industrial door maintenance is extremely important when it comes to your business. Read on for more on how we can help you save money and more.

How To Ensure Your Commercial Property Is Kept Secure

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Ensuring your commercial property is kept secure is essential for any business. We here at Chiltern Door Systems have a wide range of solutions for you.

The Role of Roller Shutters at Commercial Premises

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Find out more here to see how important a role roller shutter splay in ensuring the safety of your commercial premises. We supply only the best so read on

The Benefits of Our Sectional Doors for Your Business

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This latest news article from the guys at Chiltern Door Systems takes a look at the benefits offered to businesses by their robust and reliable sectional doors.

Online Shopping Boom – Part 2

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This post acts a part 2 to a previous post written. Its discusses the impact online shopping has on businesses and in turn how they can secure against theft.

Online Shopping Boom – Part 1

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The online shopping boom has seen the slow decline of our highstreet shops – read this post and find out what we at Chiltern Door Systems can do to help