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security bar

Different styles of window security bars

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When choosing window security bars for your home, the first thing to think about is the purpose for which you’ll use them. There are two main reasons why we choose to have the security bars installed. The first one is for safety reasons and the other is for security reasons. In terms of safety, the … Continue reading “Different styles of window security bars”

palisade fence

Benefits of Palisade Fencing

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The crime rate is ever on the increase in the world of today. As a result, people are now doing everything they can to protect their homes as well as other possessions they have like businesses. We now install alarm systems that are state-of-the-art, beams and even different fencing on and around our property. One … Continue reading “Benefits of Palisade Fencing”

Roller shutter

Why it is important to service your roller shutters

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Just like other pieces of technology or equipment, roller shutters require regular service. This makes them last much longer and be able to serve their purposes optimally without failure. Their maintenance and service should never be overlooked at any instance no matter the sector they are used. Though most people tend to forget about their … Continue reading “Why it is important to service your roller shutters”


Types of Security Grilles and how they can protect your property

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For additional protection to your home or business premise against theft and break-ins, security grilles are a great choice. You should, however, take certain considerations when deciding whether or not to install them and which type would be best suited for you. Internal retractable grilles may be fitted behind French doors and windows. They are … Continue reading “Types of Security Grilles and how they can protect your property”

Garage door

Why you need Roller doors and where you can use them

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Roller doors are popular with many homes and business premises today. They are made from materials like colour bond steel which are of relatively high quality. The hinges of these Roller doors are high quality. In terms of operation, the roller doors roll up and down in a smooth manner on the tracks. Due to … Continue reading “Why you need Roller doors and where you can use them”

High street shop fronts

Types of Shop Fronts and Doors

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Do you own a shop or a business that you want to decorate? Thinking of what kind of door or shop façade to use? Then this is the blog for you.

Mahogany security door

What Security Door is best for you?

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Most homeowners treat doors casually, not giving a thought to how important in the provision of security to the home they are. However, the door is the opening through which most intruders get into the house.

Bollards on a street

Retractable bollards versus fold-down bollards

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Retractable bollards When most people think of bollards, they think of static pieces of metal that block vehicles from entering a particular area. These bollards are usually permanent structures, however as technology has improved and retractable bollards have come into use, automatic rising bollards have become a popular type of access control. Their popularity lies … Continue reading “Retractable bollards versus fold-down bollards”

business roller shutters

Guide to buying roller shutters

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Buying roller shutters or roller doors can be quite a costly affair in the long run if you don’t go about it with care. Here at Chiltern Door Systems, we take pride in the fact that we not only offer our products at fantastic prices but we also make sure that you get exactly what … Continue reading “Guide to buying roller shutters”

security grille

Security Grilles: a fantastic way to keep your business safe

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Security is one of the top priorities of each and every business, if it is not then it definitely should be. This is due to the fact that for most business’ this is where they keep everything valuable to the business. Whether it is the tools or materials needed to make their product or the … Continue reading “Security Grilles: a fantastic way to keep your business safe”