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Online Shopping Boom – Part 1

The online shopping boom has seen the slow decline of our highstreet shops – read this post and find out what we at Chiltern Door Systems can do to help

Since the rise of the internet, shoppers have indulged their insatiable appetites for shopping using the World Wide Web, leaving our highstreet shops to struggle to stay afloat. UK shoppers are spending more and more online each year, last year saw UK shoppers spending 12% more online than the previous year. But what does this mean for our highstreet shops, not forgetting the small independent ones? Well it was predicted that up to 5,000 street stores would be wiped out by March, with online shopping to blame. However we’ve reached March and although there’s been dwindling numbers with the likes of Blockbusters, HMV and Jessops suffering the most – the majority of the shops are still standing. But how do we keep it this way? UK shoppers are a fickle bunch and in order to keep them interested, you need to catch their attention and keep it! It’s all about standing a cut above the rest, in aesthetics and reputation as well as the quality of your products and services. Businesses need to make their shops stand out amongst the row of shops on a street or in a shopping centre, the one that catches the eye of busy shoppers racing by. So you need a unique look that people will notice. Here at Chiltern Door Systems we are experts when it comes to the manufacture and installation of shop fronts in Bedford, Milton Keynes and the surrounding areas. We are the professionals who can help you achieve that unique shop front that will enhance the look and the appeal of your business. If you’re under threat from the online shops or you just want a fresh look for your business then make sure you get in touch with us here at Chiltern Door Systems. And stay tuned as next month we’ll be talking about how warehouses have changed due to the online shopping boom and how we can help you get your warehouse running efficiently.

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