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The benefits of security fencing

Security Fence

Ownership or occupation of land and property is one of the most basic features of modern society and, ever since people started to settle down in contrast to travelling with the seasons or their livestock, marking the borders of their land is something that comes naturally to almost all people and cultures.

Lucky are those, for whom the marking of their lands borders is merely a cosmetic exercise. However, most people and organizations also have legitimate concerns for the security and safety of their property and the people on it.

This is why people have started putting up fences and, more importantly, security fences. While a fence can merely be a decorative element at the border of one’s property, a security fence already carries its most important function in the name: Security.

These fences provide an extra level protection to the property that they secure, by making unauthorized access to it as difficult as possible. This means that the fences are designed to make scaling them as hard as possible by adding spikes at the top to the design or by employing angled designs at the top of the fences in order to make it as hard as possible for people to climb them. Depending on the location of the property and what needs to be secured, these fences can have various different designs and functions. Most security fences will be designed to make it as difficult as possible to access a property, while others will make it increasingly hard to exit a property.

Of course, fences are not the only option to achieve similar results, there are a great number of ways in which property could be secured. Solid walls, electric fences and barbed wire, for example, can all be employed to achieve the same effect. However, security fences provide some clear benefits over other methods.

A security fence clearly indicates that it is meant to restrict access to a property signalling that its contents are protected and by its very design provides protection. But while a security fence provides protection, it also allows a largely unobstructed view of the property and its building to both people on the outside as well as people on the inside. As such, neither the property nor the outside world is hidden from view. At the same time, a security fence also does not make as harsh an appearance to onlookers as a wall would do, while providing identical or sometimes arguably even better levels of protection.

Beyond functioning simply as security measures against potential break-ins or protecting people, security fences are also an obvious and direct statement. This statement can be aesthetic in nature or also communicate to the outside world that what is behind the fence is considered to be valuable and worthy of protection by its owners.

Often times this kind of visual statement can be as important as the physical protection a security fence provides. Imagine if you will a well-tended garden or a more natural piece of land, in this day and age, not everybody sees nature as a thing of value and worthy of protection. If however a security fence is erected around it, it is immediately obvious that somebody considers whatever it contains to be valuable. This can be a statement worth making.

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