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Top Tips on Making Your Shop Front Stand Out

Your shop front needs to look great all year round and it’s no more important than the run up to Christmas, check out these tips and find out how we can help you

When you’re walking down the street or through a shopping centre you only notice the shops that catch your eye and make you look twice. Whether that’s because they just look really good or they look highly professional, it doesn’t matter, it’s caught your eye and that’s all that counts. We’re all guilty of doing this, which is why it’s vital that your shop oozes creativity and vibrancy. And in the run up to Christmas this is more important than ever! Is your shop front looking a bit more shabby than chic? Here are some great tips to ensure your shop stands out from the crowd:

The Basics:

This may sound simple but you need to make sure the pavement outside your shop is spotless. You may think picking up leaves and litter is a job for the council but if you want to make a good impression on passers-by do a bit of cleaning up of your own. Sweep up outside the shop and make sure it looks tidy. There’s nothing worse than watching potential customers side step your shop to avoid leaves or soggy takeaway boxes from the night before.

External Props:

Little, thoughtful extras can go a long way with prospective customers, things like hanging baskets or outdoor plants can really add character to your shop. There may not be many flowers you could hang in your baskets this time of year but there are plenty small Christmas plants and mini trees you could place in pots outside your shop.

Your Front Door:

Just like the one hanging on the front of your house, it needs to be inviting as well as clean and well maintained. It’s the first thing customers see as they walk into your shop so it’s vital your door is welcoming , attractive and in tone with the rest of your shop front.


It’s nearly Christmas so it’s all about the fairy lights and these are a great investment as many shops use these all year round, particularly those who stay open in the evenings. You don’t want to go over the top with your Christmas decorations; they need to be subtle yet eye catching. Here a Chiltern Door Systems we specialise in the design and installations of shop fronts in Milton Keynes. We work with you to help you enhance your shop front, helping your business appeal to your customers. We also have a wide range of both manual and fully automated doors available for your shop. Be sure to browse our website and if you would like more information feel free to contact us today.

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