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Top Tips on Securing Your Business

When it comes to running a business, security is paramount to ensure your property is safe all year round, read on for more info on how to keep your premises safe

When it comes to running a business, security should be high on your list of priorities. Not only will it keep your insurance premiums low, it will reduce the risk of your premises being broken into. But how do you ensure you have the right line of defence in place to protect your business? Here are some top tips on keeping your business secure all year round: CCTV: The best way of keeping an eye on all aspects of your business is with a CCTV system, this means you can keep an eye on your employees as well as any intruders. A visible CCTV system will deter people from braking into your premises. Locks and Lighting: Just like in our homes we need to ensure all staff are vigilant when it comes to security. Make sure everyone keeps doors and windows locked and ensure everything is secure before they go home. Security lighting is also very effective when it comes to security. Not only will it help keep your staff safe it will also deter opportunists from attempting to break into your business. Doors: Obviously your doors need to be strong and sturdy with good quality locks, their also needs to be plans in place to ensure that only authorised persons can enter the building. Strong industrial doors and roller doors can be a very effective way of keeping your premises secure. Not only are they not easy to get past, they can also only be controlled by staff meaning that any intruders can’t get in. Controlled barriers will also ensure that no unauthorised people or vehicles can enter your site. Here at Chiltern Door Systems we supply and install a range of secure industrial and roller doors to a wide range of industries to help keep our customers’ premises safe. Your doors are often your first line of defence so make sure you get it right. Be sure to browse our website to see the full range of doors we have on offer.

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