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Why are Fire Doors So Important?

emergency exit fire door
 As most people are aware, fire is an element that can cause devastating damage and injury. Fires can completely destroy buildings, cause extremely serious injuries and even result in fatalities. This is why it is so vital that people inside buildings are properly protected, which is where the use of fire doors comes in. It is a legal requirement for fire doors to be used in public buildings, factories, and offices. It is also a requirement in flats with communal areas and a number of other domestic situations such as homes with loft conversions. The use of fire doors is essential in order to protect lives and help to limit damage. If you are unsure about whether your home or office is at risk, contact a local fire risk assessment company to ensure your facilities are fit for purpose.

What do fire doors do?

 So, just why are fire doors so important? Well, these doors are able to provide a number of vital protective benefits, which includes:
  • Containing the fire to the area where it started rather than allowing it to spread to other rooms or areas. They also help to contain smoke
  • Providing an escape route for any people in the building by keeping the fire contained
  • Protecting people in the building and saving lives
  • Providing those in the building with valuable additional time to escape
  • Providing the fire brigade with more time to try and put the fire out successfully as well as to rescue anyone still inside the building
  • Limiting damage to the building, to surrounding buildings, and to contents within the building
  Fires can break out unexpectedly, and for a wide variety of reasons, so it is essential that this sort of protection is in place. Without these doors, a fire can spread with alarming speed destroying everything in its path and potentially take lives.

Passive fire protection that can make a huge difference

Fire doors are an important component in the passive protection system of a building. These doors can make a huge different to the devastation that a fire breakout can cause. It is important to ensure that you invest in high quality, properly certified fire doors from a reputable supplier in order to benefit from the peace of mind that they offer. Fire doors may be made of a combination of materials, such as glass, timber and aluminium. Investing in a complete steel door is a great use for a fire door as it is sturdy and fire-proof. You need to ensure that the doors are rated by an accredited fire safety body such as the British Woodworking Federation, which has a CERTIFIRE scheme in place. Fire doors also need to be properly installed by professional to make sure that they are fit for purpose and will provide the necessary level of protection. It goes without saying that areas around fire doors should be kept clear, as this could be the only means of escape if a fire breaks out. Once you have certified and properly installed fire doors in your building, you can benefit from the reassurance that comes with knowing you have protection in the event of a fire. While a fire door is essentially just a door, its qualities and components mean that it is a method of passive fire protection that can make a huge difference. We hope you found this information useful – let us know via our Twitter what you’d like to learn more about, or what you found most interesting!

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