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Why Getting Your Industrial Doors Winter Ready Is Vital

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Winter is fast approaching – while its onset has been somewhat mild in the temperature department, we’re getting closer to that magic zero-degree freezing point and reports of snow and ice are becoming a more distinct reality. If your industrial doors are in a bad state of repair over the winter period, it could end negatively impacting your business. Here are just some of the reasons you may want to prioritise this type of maintenance work: Help to Keep Your Property Insulated If your industrial doors are damaged, it may mean that heat is escaping as a result. This means that you need to use more energy in order to keep your premises at an appropriate temperature – this additional cost may be significant over the course of the winter. Poor insulation can also mean that your premises are not being kept at a desirable temperature and this can make it an uncomfortable environment. Keep Your Premises Secure Industrial doors are only going to keep your premises fully secure when they are in good working order. If there is some type of damage, criminals may take advantage of this to gain access to the building; by not maintaining your doors in good condition, you may be taking a real gamble. Avoid Downtime and Inconvenience If you fail to keep your industrial doors maintained, you could easily end up with a situation where the whole system fails. You may have problems opening and closing the doors, and this can cause disruptions to your business. This could be a real disaster if it happened at a peak time in winter like Christmas. It is always going to be easier to maintain your doors on a regular basis while they’re still working, than to have to get them fixed when it becomes a major issue – it is also going to be much cheaper to pay for repairs before they lead to bigger problems. Protect Your Merchandise and Business Assets If your industrial doors are damaged, it could mean that merchandise and other business assets on your property is not being protected from the elements; in addition to the cost involved in poorly insulated buildings, it could also put any temperature-sensitive stock (such as food or industrial manufactured products) at risk. Maintain High Productivity If the shutters or steel doors on your premises malfunction during the winter, it could have a significant impact on the productivity levels of your team – this can especially be the case if people are always entering and leaving the building and they have to struggle with the doors every time, as well as exposing staff to colder conditions. It makes sense that you would want to have your steel doors and shutters in good repair for the winter months. Contact us here at Chiltern Door Systems so we can assess your maintenance needs. Our highly skilled engineers will be able to deal with any repairs in the Milton Keynes and Bedford area.