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Different styles of window security bars

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When choosing window security bars for your home, the first thing to think about is the purpose for which you’ll use them. There are two main reasons why we choose to have the security bars installed. The first one is for safety reasons and the other is for security reasons. In terms of safety, the aim is to keep either pets or children from getting out through the windows. For security, the aim is to prevent and deter home intrusion or burglary. For both security and safety, there are different styles of window security bars. The purpose will determine the appropriate style one chooses. Once you’ve defined the purpose, you need to consider the style of the bars. The styles of windows typically include casement, single-hung, double-hung and sliding windows. This is a very important consideration also to make when you’re preparing to order or purchase the bars. Styles of Window Security Bars Home window security bars are designed in three styles. These are hinged, removable and fixed. The style chosen will depend on the use, as stated earlier. The other things for consideration are tamper resistant and hardware resistant hardware. 1. Fixed Window Security Bars The fixed window security bars are fixed just as they’re named because they don’t open. They come in various different sizes. They’re also the most affordable of the three styles. If you’re a homeowner or a business owner, you can choose from various styles within this category. The main styles under fixed window security bars include elaborate luxury styles, basic designs and decorative designs. They’re preferred by individuals for both the provision of safety to the children and pets as a well as for preventing intruders or burglars from gaining access through the windows. 2. Hinged Window Security Bars These are also referred to as swing-away window security bars for homes and businesses. They characteristically operate by being able to swing open whenever there’s a need for cleaning or repair. These window bars are often preferred for use in areas that require high-level physical security. You can secure them through the use of padlocks. The hinged windows bars are also available in various different styles. For escape routes that are secondary, the preferred style is the one with Keyless Quick Release Locking System. These bars are great for your home or business if you want to comply with your local building and fire codes for secondary escape routes. 3. Removable Window Security Bars The removable style window bars for security allow for locking on both sides. This way, they make removing them much easier. They’re perfect for places where protection is required periodically and not all the time. Examples of such places include storefronts or vacation cabins and such like places. They’re also available in various different styles and sizes. Conclusion After you’ve chosen the style of bars that you want to be installed for your window, you need to take the style of the window and the size of the window into account. For home security window bars, the required measurements are the window opening dimensions. These window bars are available in sizes that are standardised and will fit in most openings of windows.