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What Security Door is best for you?

Mahogany security door
Most homeowners treat doors casually, not giving a thought to how important in the provision of security to the home they are. However, the door is the opening through which most intruders get into the house. It’s easy to trade security for the aesthetic value of your door. To avoid this costly negligence, you have to ensure that when you seek to install one, security is a top concern. There are many options for security doors available to us today. Making the right pick will require extra keenness and background research. It should be noted that as much as there are good doors that provide security today, there are trade-offs of each as well, in different aspects. This discussion involves some of the common security door options to pick from. Titan Sliding Patio Security Door with Meshtec Screen This is a combined security door and screen. It makes use of stainless steel which is woven in a patented system. This ensures it’s kept secure in the frame. If slammed or cut, this screen is not likely to break. It’s ideal for covering glass doors that are sliders. The advantage of this door is that it’s multi-functional as it can keep insects out and blocks rays of UV that are harmful and still allow you to get the full view of the outdoors. The disadvantage, however, is that it’s difficult to install.

Main Door Rustic Mahogany Distressed Front Door

This type of door provides a home with a regal appearance. It has a speakeasy window containing a grille, bronze-finishing hardware, and weather stripping. It’s nearly 2 inches thick, is solid, and does not include veneer panelling. The upside of the door is the ease of installation. However, the trade-off is that certain people find it darker than they desire it to be.

L.I.F Industries Steel Security Commercial Door

It’s made of galvanized steel, making the heavy-duty door extremely durable and secure. It even has the ability to stop the spread of smoke and fire. The best part of this door is its excellent quality. The negative side is that it needs painting. It’s suited for both residential and commercial use. This is because when it’s purchased, it’s simply bare metal that requires that the buyer must paint it.

Doors and Beyond S100 Red Mahogany Exterior Door

This door features triple coats of red mahogany paint with horizontal panelling which is characterized by classy modern doors. It has a wood exterior and a steel core, making it more secure and still stay beautiful. It’s meant to withstand the extreme conditions of the atmosphere. The advantage of this door is that it’s ultra-secure with a multipoint locking system and four hinges. The negative, however, is that it doesn’t allow for any customization. It’s meant to be installed as it is. It only comes in one size and can’t be made to form a double-door by side-to-side hanging.

Prime-Line Products Woodguard Steel Security Door

This is a beautifully framed screen door that can provide security similar to industrial steel doors. The outer layer of this door is made of thick pine wood, the frame is steel, and its front is made of perforated steel mesh that’s 24-gauge. The advantage of this steel door is that made ready for installation. There is no extra painting or priming is required before you can install it. The disadvantage of this door is in the fact that it’s sold lacking some hardware. You have to buy your own lock and handle.

Vintage security door


The best type of security door that suits your needs highly depends on how important security is to you. Discussed above are the top options that you have to choose from and never worry about your security and that of your household or business again.