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Why you need Roller doors and where you can use them

Garage door
Roller doors are popular with many homes and business premises today. They are made from materials like colour bond steel which are of relatively high quality. The hinges of these Roller doors are high quality. In terms of operation, the roller doors roll up and down in a smooth manner on the tracks. Due to the way the component metals are made, these doors often appear ribbed. They are often preferred for garages since they are very secure and can improve the general appearance of your home. The popularity of the roller doors can be attributed to their benefits which are the same reasons why you need them too. The reasons are as follows:

1. Increases Space

When used for garages, these doors are suited for even short driveways since they open upwards. You can maximize the space in your garage by placing your vehicle right up against the roller door. It also offers maximum drive through height since the door rolls around a drum that’s placed above the opening. This way, the space above the garage door doesn’t have any kind of obstruction.

2. Can be customized

Due to the wide range of colours and finishes of these doors, the door can be customized to complement the home décor. You can match the finishes and the colours of your door with the doors and windows of your house. The available finishes are transparent corrugated fibreglass, wood grain, metallic and plan colour finishes. To improve the appearance of the exterior and security, a discreet downlighting can be done.

3. Less vulnerable to damage

Due to the makeup structure and materials used, the roller door is less vulnerable to many kinds of damage. The corrugated or folded sheets used in its structure makes the shutter extra stiff and strong. So, in case of impacts, they’re not easily damaged. This further adds to the aspect of security. Low vulnerability to damage is one top benefit you’ll get from using a roller door in your garage or business building.

4. Built-In Safety Features

Safety is a huge factor when looking for the kind of door to install on your house. The roller door may also be fitted with extra features for safety like the anti-fallback feature. This feature is very helpful in case of a failure in one of the door’s components. It protects against uncontrolled and unbalanced movement. An automatic cut-out option can also be fitted onto the door. This feature helps in the detection of an obstacle in the decent path.

5. Provides Security

Another reason you should consider using roller doors is security. Burglars normally prefer to use the garage when trying to gain access to your premise. These doors are, however, very strong and improve the security of a business promise or home. Security

6. Weather Proof

Compared to other door options, these doors have a better capacity for preventing snow or rain from entering your premises. Its perimeter is also sealed well with rubber to control the entry of pests and dust. With accurate fitting, these doors can keep the inside of the premise or garage warm. The noise is also kept out and heat loss reduced.

7. Automation

Another important reason to use roller doors is the aspect of automation. This can either be fitted during installation or later. Door openers can be included to allow for remote control of the door. This offers a lot of conveniences as you don’t have to open or close the door physically.


Roller doors can be used at home as garage doors or at the business premises where they are the best choice in term of the reasons we’ve discussed here.