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Guide to buying roller shutters

business roller shutters
Buying roller shutters or roller doors can be quite a costly affair in the long run if you don’t go about it with care. Here at Chiltern Door Systems, we take pride in the fact that we not only offer our products at fantastic prices but we also make sure that you get exactly what you want (and need) from anything we provide. To start with you need to ensure that all your needs are met with great precision. Without the right information at your fingertips when purchasing these doors, you’ll not only incur extra unnecessary costs, the security of your premise could also be at stake. You must, therefore, ensure that your choice of roller door serves all the purposes you require from it. To do this, here is what you need to know:

1. Noise levels

Some roller doors produce very little noise while others may be producing lots of noises during use. Therefore, you must consider the level of noise produced by specific designs. If you want to install the door in an area where noise is not a concern then this point may not be an issue but for most this is a concern. This is particularly an important consideration the door is to be installed close to a living space.

2. The material type

Roller doors may be made of any of the three materials, namely; metal, wood or vinyl. Metal doors are either made of aluminium or steel. Steel doors are cheaper than all the other kinds of metal doors. On the other hand, aluminium is preferable because it’s lighter than the others. Metals doors are insulated and come in many colours. Further, doors made of metal are cheaper to maintain. Wood is the oldest material used for doors. They are great for versatility and have natural beauty. The quality of roller doors made of wood varies in quality and can either be stained or painted. These kinds of doors range widely in prices. Vinyl doors are more expensive than the ones made of all the other materials in terms initial costs. However, they are less expensive in the long run as they require no maintenance at all. They are also resistant to scratches.

3. Know the safety features

In the case that you’ve got children or small animals, it’s vital that you take the safety features of your door into consideration. Some of these doors are made to have a camera system that helps to monitor objects that come in or out when being closed. Others also have a built-in system that enables it to reopen whenever it senses there is any kind of resistance when being closed. Obviously, the incorporation of such systems would cost more. Even so, this is the kind of safety feature that most people should look into as it saves from nasty accidents happening.

4. The cost

This is actually the first thing you need to know before you purchase a roller door. You must take your budget into account. The costs of doors range widely and you should make a choice that will fit your budget. At Chiltern Door Systems we will make sure that we give you the right doors for the situation.

5. The level of security

If you are running your own business then you know that if a roller door that doesn’t meet the required security levels is not preferable to anyone. This is because the primary goal of any door is to offer adequate security to your property. Hence, you must ensure you know the level of security that a specific door can offer, all of our doors will help deter misdeeds & will help keep safe your premises when you clock off for the night.

6.The aesthetics

The colour, the effect and the operating mechanism of your door are of utmost importance. It’s important that you have a door that’s complementary to the style of your business or home. Without a doubt, well-chosen colour and effect of a roller door could really offer a great aesthetic value to your premises.


As we always say, ultimately it all boils down to you, the home/business owner. However, these are the basic things you must know when looking into a roller shutter for the first time. Contact us today and we will ensure you are well-informed before you put your money on any door.