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Security Grilles: a fantastic way to keep your business safe

security grille
Security is one of the top priorities of each and every business, if it is not then it definitely should be. This is due to the fact that for most business’ this is where they keep everything valuable to the business. Whether it is the tools or materials needed to make their product or the product themselves, these are the lifeblood of the business and they are what keep the business running. Therefore, security should, by no means, be an after-thought. Every business owner should invest in a high-quality security solution that is most suited for them. This is where security grilles step in, not only do they offer the security measures required, they can give your premises a nice look for when you are closed as they come in several different shapes and sizes. This article will take you through the different styles you can purchase to secure your business. collapsible grille

Side-Folding full enclosure security grilles

If you intend to secure your premise by erecting a solid barrier to deter theft, side-folding full enclosure security grille is the right choice for you. They offer some ventilation since they are made of painted perforated steel. This type of grille is most commonly used for businesses that are located in concourses, airports and malls, this is due to the fact they hide everything behind them so as to deter theft from the start. Side-folding full enclosure security grilles are available in wide-body or standard body versions. A friend of the business, who is a plumber in the Milton Keynes area found these to be the best types of security grilles on the market today.

Side-Folding Open Air Security Grilles

These are suitable for your premises if your aim for security but you also want infiltration of light, and visibility of the inside spaces. They can be designed to meet every individual’s expectations which means that you can still have an attractive looking storefront & allow customers to see inside your business while still having added security. Side-folding open-air security grilles are preferable for businesses that have a small room for installation. They help provide good looks as well as secure your business from debris and theft. The other advantage of these grilles is that they are quite compact when they roll up.

Upward coiling security grilles

These are ideal for providing optimum security and at the same time, an attractive appearance. They allow for visibility, light infiltration and ventilation yet are still of great value in terms of the business security. Therefore, they restrict the access of the public. Upward coiling security grilles are made galvanized steel, aluminium, and stainless steel. Thought they are manually operated, there is the option of an electric operator. retractable grille  

Advance performance upward coiling security grilles

This type of security grills is meant for premises with great security concerns. They stand out as one of the most secure grilles available. At the same time, they allow for maximum circulation of air and allow for high visual access. They are more advanced than other grilles and longer-lasting and have a reliable performance since they were originally meant for industries.


For both the small and big business premises, security grilles always have been and still remain to be a good choice. Though they are mainly installed for security reasons, these grilles come with other benefits. These include the ability to keep your business safe but accessible still, easy installation, durability and low costs of maintenance. So, if you have debated whether to secure your business using security grilles, you should question this no more. When used alongside other security measures such as the installation of CCTV, this security option can be of great benefit to any business. If you need peace of mind, not having to constantly worry about the safety of your business, then security grilles are the way to go.

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