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Roller shutters vs Sectional doors

One of the biggest concerns to a business owner is to make sure that their premise is protected from burglars and any other security issues. There are two main choices you can choose from to help add that little bit of extra security to your business, in regards to your doors these are roller shutters and sectional doors. When deciding on which type of door will be best for your business, you need to look into the pros & cons of each door and see if that option will suitably benefit you. That is why we have brought together a few ideas to help you get started, once you have read through this then you should be able to decide which type of security doors will be the best choice for you.

Roller shutters
Roller shutters can withstand a high frequency of use without getting damaged and are an excellent choice for premises where security is a huge concern. Therefore, if your business is the kind that operates on high traffic during the working hours and needs optimal security when not being used, it is the better choice. The shutters can also be customized to offer extra benefits. These benefits may include minimization of noise, prevention of air loss to help in temperature or long duration of fire integrity. They also have a sufficient ability to withstand extreme weather conditions. Roller shutters can be used for both external and internal uses. In terms of design, the roller shutters have a horizontal line design only which come in different colours. They can be made of either aluminium or steel. If you need glazing with your doors, roller shutters are not the best choice for you. This is because they can only accommodate limited glazing. Further, the shutters can be operated manually but are also installed with electric motors. This makes it easy to be opened during emergencies as may be needed.
Roller door

Sectional doors
These types of doors have a wide range of design options to offer, unlike the roller shutters. The panels can be designed in various ways and can accommodate most colour finishes. The front face may be customized into a micro grain, smooth silk grain, wood grain, deco grain, and stucco. The choice is entirely yours. They can be made in single or double skin panels with insulated steel, fibreglass, aluminium, or timber. This means that they can achieve high levels of beauty in terms of design. These kinds of doors are normally manually operated by the use of tension or torsion spring mechanism.
Sectional door

The sectional doors are made to have very high resistance to strong weather conditions. Like their roller shutter counterparts, the sectional doors can help control room temperatures. They allow for windows with sufficient glazing to give room for visibility. This is why they are common in facilities where emergency vehicles are stored, distribution warehouses and fire stations. The main demerit of sectional doors is the fact that if the manual lock is compromised or damaged, an intruder would easily get access. This is one security concern associated with these doors.

Conclusion So, now that we have discussed the most vital aspects of the roller shutters and sectional doors, it’s upon you to make your choice. Some people love the roller shutters because they provide high levels of security. Others would go for the sectional doors as they would prefer the colouring and design options they get from it. Bottom line, every person’s needs and preference are widely varied. This means the decision is entirely yours.  

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